Yup. The bolts are hardened.

So yesterday I tried to unbolt the pieces of that old fuel tank rack Landlady wants gone off her plaza…

…with a humiliatingly total lack of success.

This fuel tank rack is smaller than the one I cut apart at the target range but more heavily built. I wanted the parts. And since it was bolted rather than welded together, I should have been able to get them. If I couldn’t unscrew the nuts from the bolts, could I cut the bolts off?


Not only no. Hell no.

Sigh. Okay – the original and still primary objective is to get the thing into pieces that can be hauled off the plaza, and by all the gods that’s what’s going to happen. I dug that hard hat out of the Jeep’s gear bag and worked up a sweat cutting angle iron. Fortunately Landlady’s plaza has AC electricity, so I didn’t have to futz around with a light-duty cordless saw – I brought an extension cord and went right to the heavy stuff.

This demolition stuff is getting expensive…

…but I succeeded. I’ve got the trailer on the Jeep right now in anticipation of a dump run later today – the main reason I wanted to get this chore out of the way early – but later or maybe tomorrow I’ll come back and tow those end pieces away.

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2 Responses to Yup. The bolts are hardened.

  1. Edward says:

    Joel needs a smoke wrench! 😉 but you got it done the old fashioned way, sweat and blades.

    I cut up an I beam found in my backyard ravine twith a torch. Used up a tank of oxygen but had chunks I could lift for disposal.- in about 1/2 hour. Small oxy acetylene is also portable.

  2. Joel says:

    There is one here, a portable rig, and I occasionally give it wistful glances. Unfortunately I ran it out of the little gas it still contained last year, and there’s no practical way to get it filled.

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