The Jeep parts clown show comes to a clownish end.

Today I finally got the final part I need to finally fix the Jeep’s rear window, the gas struts that allow the window to finally stay up without a wooden prop…

I’ve had the hinges and the bottom gasket for a long time. But the plastic bracket that glues to the window and holds the gasket got lost in the mail – so long that I gave up on it and bought a second one, adding substantially to the cost and duration of the project.

But it finally came, and I figured out how everything went together, and then all that was left was ordering some gas struts. They take about 30 seconds each to install so I never even unloaded the package from the Jeep; just cut open the box and stuck the struts on.

Along with the expected box holding the struts, I got a second package…

…the part that has been wandering around – or sitting around – lost for the past two months. (insert angry-face emoji here)

So in about fifteen years when the current one gets brittle from UV exposure and breaks apart like the old one did, I have a spare.

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9 Responses to The Jeep parts clown show comes to a clownish end.

  1. Terrapod says:

    And a lesson learned….Always open boxes and count the contents. Has saved my ass more than once, as in parts that should be there were not, making said item non-install able. Your case is the inverse, had the parts but did not know it. My first boss taught me a lesson during the initial week of work, Never ASSUME anything, check and verify, as it makes an ASS of U and ME otherwise. Feisty Italian, did not like anyone making an ass of him.

  2. Joel says:

    I didn’t assume anything: The box with the long-missing part arrived (or maybe was acknowledged, I don’t know) at the post office very recently, months after it was ordered and shipped.

  3. Paul B says:

    Had to go around the earth twice in the wrong direction.

  4. Terrapod says:

    Ah, apologies then. We can blame the postal office (with high degree of certainty). Today’s mail arrived at 5PM for no good reason. Usual postal delivery time is 1.30 PM. Maybe they will say “COVID did it”! as it seems to be responsible for everything else going tits up..

  5. buckeyebob says:

    The postal folk around these parts are absolutely the worlds worst fuck ups ever . They steal your coupons and open every piece of mail to take pictures and report to the gestapo . I get my neighbors mail . They get mine . They smoke crack and pot going down the road and are a threat to public safety . Don’t bother calling the law . They are in it together . Fleecing the sheeples .

  6. Norman says:

    Not much of a problem here because I put no small effort into Other Means of Communication precisely to prevent the deranged, syphlitic and incompetent minions of the USPS from coming into contact with my stuff, much less have any responsibility for transport and delivery, but in years past at other locations it was suggested, in writing and with very great seriousness, that whomever was responsible for inserting mail into customer mailboxes should instead just dump all the neighborhood’s mail into a large bucket on the corner and we’ll take it from there. The perception was that the perpetual misalignment between the printed address and box ID was deliberate because even random chance would have produced more consistent results.

  7. Mark Matis says:

    There are plenty of good workers in USPS.

    Unfortunately, it only takes ONE fuckup to ruin things.

  8. bill says:

    Joel, glad you got this finally a done deal. I used to have an old camper shell/topper and never could get that rear window right and relied on pliers to keep it open when needed. Only suffered a few head injuries over the course of 15 years. HA!

    I have had my share of problems with postal employees…thieving sob’s…when I lived in town. However I live in the woods now and my wife runs a 1-person post office in our closest small town of 300, 4 hrs a day (for the past 13 years), and people come from miles around to open a po box with her because she busts her ass for the people…she really goes above and beyond the call the best she can. Yet when the distribution centers screw up (and they do because they are incompetent don’t give a shit morons) she gets the blame. If soc sec checks are late, or “papers” for illegal alien customers are lost in the mail ….she gets a ton of shit directed at her. The list goes on and on where she gets the blame. She is the 3rd most important person in town after the mayor and city secretary and is adored until a box of baby chicks show up with stinking dead birds…or a fighting rooster from California arrives dead in an air-tight cardboard box. The same people who will blame her are the first people who come to her for $7 to buy a pack of cigs for their COPD lungs or to get her to help fill out papers that have to be translated from english/spanish. She makes barely above minimum wage with no benefits and everybody thinks she has it made because she has a post office job. Still there isn’t a person in town that hasn’t adopted the big-city-Dallas-girl-who-moved-to-these-woods and those people would do anything for her. ……………..anyways I am spewing so thanks for letting me. Yeah the USPS is fubar but it isn’t typically the fault of person who the customers unload on.

  9. Norman says:

    “There are plenty of good workers in USPS.

    Unfortunately, it only takes ONE fuckup to ruin things.”

    And therein lies the problem: no chain can be stronger than its weakest link. If one insists on using other criteria than strength and reliability for the links from which one assembles a chain one winds up with something that is a chain in name only because the random placement of weak links makes it worthless for its intended purpose.

    Seems to be a common ailment of a great many things these days.

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