Threshold of Maximum Acceptable Floppiness…

I came up with a new personal engineering term this morning during morning walkie! I’m so proud.

I’ve been carrying a medium-frame .44 revolver every day for something over 12 years now, with the exception of about six months starting late 2016 when I tore a rotator cuff and couldn’t draw a proper pistol. First it was an old beater .44 Special snubby, then a like-new Taurus Tracker, and now my third-hand-at-least M69.

You’d think I’d be used to it by now, right? And in fact except for my unfortunate habit of judging things by how I feel about them right now, I certainly had. But lately the pistol on my belt has been bugging me. A lot. It just always seemed to be in my way, and I was always aware of the weight. And I blamed it on the pistol, which was kind of stupid given that the pistol hadn’t changed. The holster had.

I got this holster in late 2015, wore it nearly every day since, and like all things leather it just plain wore out. It was an angsty couple of months while I determined what to do: I really didn’t want to buy a new leather one which would have to be cut on immediately to accommodate the optic. There was nobody around to talk to concerning custom leather or kydex. Then I remembered that Fobus makes a plastic holster that I’ve found perfectly acceptable for two different pistols and that they do make one to fit an L-frame – so I knuckled down and spent the money online…

…and that solved the problem affordably – with just a tiny bit of sculpting for the optic – and all of a sudden my revolver isn’t a burden anymore. The whole package weighs just under three pounds loaded, and it turns out that a little bit of floppiness goes a long way toward that weight making itself felt on your belt.

Speaking of belts, this seems like a good time for a product recommendation…

For over twenty years I used leather tool belts to hold my pants up. They’re thick and wide enough to make a good basis for carrying stuff, duh, and they used to last a long time. But the last one I bought a few years ago was cheapened to the point where I was no longer happy with the practice. So last summer, after much procrastination, I painfully spent money on an actual EDC belt.

To color me skeptical would be an understatement: I’m leery of innovation in very basic gear and was fairly sure I was throwing away good money. In particular…

There’s a ratchet on the buckle, which catches on…

…plastic teeth on the back of the belt – and while that should eliminate the problem of a conventional belt always being just a little too tight or too loose depending on when you last ate, I expected that was going to be the failure point: Those plastic teeth would wear out in short order, right?

Well, I’m still waiting. In fact it continues to work great. The belt is very stiff, and holds a waistful of gear nicely. It’s been over a year and so far the only point of failure has been the enamel on the buckle which has a tendency to chip. And I don’t care about that. I’ve been shockingly happy with this belt. Just saying.

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6 Responses to Threshold of Maximum Acceptable Floppiness…

  1. jed says:

    I’ve pondered getting one of those. I have a very good horsehide leather belt, and I just had to poke a new hole in it, which sorta bugged me, but it’s better than having my pants fall down at work. If it weren’t for all the other money things tugging at me, I’d likely get one, but probably Kore brand.

  2. Robert says:

    Huh. Joel, you may have just introduced me to my next belt.
    5.11 had a nice belt but it went away. Why do vendors deprive me of stuff I like?

  3. Mike says:

    Nice, Joel. I’m glad the new belt is working for you. My EDC belt is a simple 1.5 inch Boston leather garrison belt that I’ve had since around 2003. I’m glad to see the pouches I sent you back in 2016 are still working.

  4. Joel says:

    🙂 Yeah, that one pouch has been a real godsend and shows no sign of ever wearing out. I think of you every time I put it on. Fits two speed strips perfectly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    $50 for a plastic belt?

    …haha…good one?….

  6. Is that a Kore Essentials? I’ve got one and the only complaint I have is the stiffness. I like a good stiff belt for carry, but this thing is like a steel strap around your waist. But I still wear it.

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