Yes, James. Starvation can cause behavioral change.

Which in turn can cure obesity. Win/win.

This guy, who’s apparently running for Parliament, actually said on television that the two countries that come to his mind that have gotten a handle on their citizens’ obesity problems are…North Korea and Cuba.

So if you suffer occasional bouts of depression and angst because American politicians can be such stupid clueless dickwads…I suggest bookmarking this video for future use. They can get worse.

I understand Venezuela is coming along nicely on its battle against obesity, as well.

I believe that faint background noise is his campaign manager hanging himself off camera.

And even so…even with that vast depth and breadth and height of idiocy…he’s still wrong. The Nork government hasn’t quite managed to cure everybody’s obesity problem.

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2 Responses to Yes, James. Starvation can cause behavioral change.

  1. Steve in CA says:

    No doubt this plunker will get elected.

  2. Judy says:

    Don’t think I want to be part of the North Korean or Cuban weight loss programs. Think I prefer to die fat-n-sassy. I do volunteer him, though.

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